Category: WFM

What’s New in August 2021

Jo looks at the main new items in your WFM tool for August 2021, including a change of name from Teleopti to New Calabrio WFM

What’s New In July?

This month sees development in 5 areas and 2 of them are the new screens we have learnt about in May and June so lots happening!

WFM post lockdown

A few reasons why life has changed in the contact centre world and tips for how to help your business through it.

What’s New In May part 2

Your May Part 2 video and blog is all about a great new screen – called Web Schedules! Where is it? Firstly go into your

What’s New In May part 1

Our Calabrio Teleopti WFM specialist guides you through what’s new this month, including changes to MyTime, Chat Bot, Web People and Reports.