Driving employee engagement and well-being

Improving Agent performance and expertise in real-time

Problems we've been asked to solve

High components of AHT

Unknown unproductive behaviour

Unmotivated Agents

Agents gaming the systems

Low service level adherence

Absenteeism & attrition

Solutions Used

Notifications prompt Agents based on real-time CTI, speech, text and desktop activity

Real-time intraday view of Agent performance

Gamification of intraday activity

Real time view for Team Leaders

In call provision of support and suggestions

Complete view of customer journey & sentiment

Benefits Made

Reduce AHT by 5-10% out of the box

Improve efficiency/productivity by a further 10%

Minimise Agent & Customer effort

Increase Agent engagement

Reduce absenteeism & attrition

Solutions Implemented

Speech Analytics

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