Lower the cost of service

Looking for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs is always a big priority for Contact Centres

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Problems we've been asked to solve

High components of AHT

Unknown unproductive behaviour

High levels of repeat contact

Inefficient contact routing

Poor customer journeys

Solutions Used

Supporting agent-customer conversations in the moments that matter delivering relevant real-time information and notifications, using an innovative agent toolbar

AI rules engine driven by real-time CTI, Speech, Text and Agent Desktop activity

RPA combined with real-time speech analytics enables information to be extracted from conversations and automatically prefilled into CRM, including call summary notes

Identification of inefficiency and unproductive time

Understand journeys and reasons driving repeat contact

Benefits Made

Reduce AHT by 5-10% out of the box

Improve efficiency/productivity by a further 10%

Minimise customer effort and increase NPS

Reduce customer churn and agent attrition

Technology Implemented


Journey Orchestration


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