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Powering next generation WFM in today's complex environments

Making it possible for organisations to optimise performance by providing the best multi channel data for WFM

The fact that the data is real time and combined from multiple sources has been transformational

Reduce costs and minimise time to benefit

Substantial resourcing efficiency gains

Respond in the moment to enhance CX

What is Tracxion?

Tracxion is a contact centre optimisation solution that collects and organises events in real time across the entire contact centre enterprise. This creates a uniquely granular and combined dataset that can be used to power business applications such as workforce optimisation, analytics and reporting, journey orchestration, and agent guidance and support.

Collects all real time contact events and processes these to deliver comprehensive data in a standard structure, irrespective of source

Structures the processed real time events to provide specific outputs for third party applications such as WFM or Journey Analytics

Provides the most comprehensive, augmented dataset for reporting, analytics and export.  Combines with external data for added granularity

End to end customer journey management, elevates your contact centre to be an integral element of your customer communication strategy

Drive performance improvement in real time, whatever your objectives.  Live uses real time data to support agents & operational management

Supercharge your contact centre

What to expect

Complete view of agent productivity

Tracxion combines telephony data with digital channel activity to provide a detailed view of agent productivity and performance

Easy to deploy

Cloud ready, quick to implement and configure​

Immediate performance improvements

Tracxion has been shown to drive an immediate 8-13%+ improvement in efficiency – other benefits accrue on that solid base

What to expect

Reduced attrition

Greater levels of agent support promoting autonomy and self management to deliver increased agent satisfaction

Reduced Churn

Enhanced CX drives lifetime value and increased advocacy​

Improved Productivity

Identify and reduce unproductive agent activity by up to 50%

Improved CSat & NPS

QPC’s Customer Effort Score predicts your NPS in real time across 100% of contact​

8-13%+ improvements “out of the box” with further efficiencies as you integrate Tracxion into your operations


Unlocking your full potential

Helping organisations like yours use multi-channel data to improve WFM performance

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